Physician Praises Local COVID-19 Response

Health care workers throughout the nation continue to try and get a handle on coronavirus.

Locally, the health department, HSHS Holy Family Hospital and physicians are monitoring the situation.

Dr. Phil Siefken, from Greenville Family Medicine, is pleased how local residents have been following recommendations. He said Bond County has done well when it comes to positive tests compared to other counties around us.

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Dr. Siefken urges everyone to keep it up. He said the next two weeks should be the worst two weeks nationally, but he’s not sure about locally. He said we need to keep up social distancing, inside and outside. Wear masks as a protection to everyone around you, as they help prevent you from spreading the virus, in the event you’re carrying it but not showing symptoms.

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WGEL’s Jeff Leidel talked to Siefken about testing. He said the Bond County Health Department has been doing some testing, as are health departments in other counties around us. He said some test results take from six days to two weeks to come back, which makes the process less helpful than officials would like it to be. Dr. Siefken said the number of tests available has not improved.

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Persons who are ill, need to call their physician to discuss their situation, then if an appointment is needed, one will be scheduled.

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