Social Media Activities Can Be Scams In Disguise

The Better Business Bureau this week issued a warning about the latest social media trend: sharing your senior portrait along with your high school name and graduation year.

The trend is billed as a way to support the graduating class of 2020, most of whom are missing out on their spring semester because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The BBB says scammers or hackers surf through social media sites and can see the #ClassOf2020 posts, which now give them the name of your high school and graduation year, which are common online security questions.

Randy Alderman, of Bradford National Bank, was our guest on a recent Public Affairs program and he issued a similar warning about another popular social media activity, the “get to know you” games on Facebook. Randy said those seem like harmless, fun ways to share details about yourself with your friends and to learn about them in exchange. But when you answer questions about yourself, that information can be harvested by scammers, who are often the ones who publish the games in the first place. In the event those scammers find your accounts, the personal information you’ve shared could give them the details they need to gain access to your funds.

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BBB has the following tips to keep you safe on social media:

Review your security settings and change security questions/settings.

Be skeptical: Before you take a quiz, figure out who created it. If you don’t know, resist the temptation to play along.

Remove personal details from your profile.

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