Some Carlyle Healthcare Staff Quarantined Following Positive Tests

The Illinois State Department of Public Health reports statistics weekly regarding outbreaks of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities.

As of April 24, facilities in 24 counties reported outbreaks. One of those is Carlyle Healthcare Center in Clinton County. As of the 24th, 15 cases were reported with no deaths.

On Thursday, Sean Eifert, who serves as the Administrator of both the Bond and Clinton County Health Departments released a statement saying that all staff at Carlyle Healthcare were tested on Wednesday, April 29, with some tests coming back positive.

Eifert reported at this time the decision has been made to place all COVID-19 positive staff of the facility in home quarantine.

Eifert said the situation illustrates the importance of assuming everyone you come into contact with is positive, because they very well may be. He said it also illustrates the importance of wearing a mask yourself when you are in a public situation, because you may have COVID-19 and not know it, just as several staff members at Carlyle Healthcare did.

In the statement, Eifert said, “During the outbreak at Carlyle Healthcare, the care and wellness of the patients and the staff has been the focus of Public Health and the management of the facility, as has the protection of the community. The testing of all staff has provided us with clarity about the situation and with an ability to implement an even more effective mitigation strategy. However, an effective strategy requires attention to detail, so this is why the community did not witness an instantaneous response. Residents, staff and community at large all had to be taken into consideration. All test results had to be obtained. I stand by the strategy and applaud the management of Carlyle Healthcare Facility for their attention to detail.”

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