Bond County Up To 11 Positive COVID-19 Cases

Courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

The Bond County Health Department has announced another increase in COVID-19 cases in the county. As of Thursday afternoon, there were 11 positive cases.

Of the 11, six have recovered, one passed away, one has been hospitalized, and three are under home quarantine.

Those who have tested positive range in age from 18 to 75.

A total of 203 people in Bond County have been tested for the coronavirus. Other than the 11 positive cases, 186 tests came back negative and six are pending.

Those tested range in age from six to 92.

As for surrounding counties…

Clinton County has 155 positive cases and 13 deaths

Fayette County reports 17 positive cases and two deaths

Montgomery County is up to 36 positive cases with one death

Madison County reports 461 positive cases and has had 35 deaths.

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