City Council Approves FY 2021 Budget

The Greenville City Council has approved a budget for fiscal year 2021, which began May 1.

The COVID-19 pandemic will affect city revenues in terms of less tax money received for various programs. In addition, the city is providing several incentives to businesses and residents.

The council voted 5-0 to approve a deficit budget, however all deficits will be covered by fund balances.

The general fund has a projected deficit of $164,752.

The council agreed to keep salary increases in the budget.

Twenty-seven of the city’s 43 full-time employees are represented by unions and their two-and-one-half percent contractual increases will cost about $30,000.

There are six full-time hourly employees, who are not in a union, and a two and-one-half percent pay hike for them would total $7,500.

The other 10 non-represented full time employees are administrators and department heads, and that raise would total about $16,700.

Greenville Financial Officer and City Clerk Sue Ann Nelson said the city must pay the union increases. The other pay hikes are in the budget and the council acts on them.

Other funds in the budget at a deficit include lake, tourism by $46,000; sewer by $36,000; and water.

Nelson said there is local money included in the water fund for a new water plant, and without that, the fund would be close to being balanced.

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