City Planning In-Fill Program


The City of Greenville has plans to begin an In-Fill Program, which will put new homes on vacant lots.

City Manager Dave Willey said he is excited about the program. The lots to be used are owned by the city.

Willey talked about the program, which he said has been about four years in the planning stages. He said the program involves empty lots between existing houses. He said the lots all had houses at one point in time, but all have been torn down. He said the locations are ideal for houses as the sewer and water connections and street are already in place and ready to go. He said not only will the program put new homes in the city, it should raise values of neighborhoods where new houses are built.

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Greenville owns about six lots that could be used in the program.

The city manager said when the city tears down a derelict house in today’s process, the city ends up with a lean for tearing it down, which they immediately foreclose on, which is what gives the city the lot.

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Willey said the program will begin with a house on one lot, and if that goes well, others could be constructed.

A construction company has been secured. The house would be owned by the builder until it is sold. The firm would market the house.

The city council has agreed that the city will pick up 75 percent of the interest expense on the builder’s loan after 180 days.

City Manager Willey said the program is now on hold due to the COVID-19 situation, but he is anxious to get it started when possible.

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