Core Program Continues With Leadership Change

The Core Community Program in Bond County is in its infancy.

Designed to help people in generational poverty, the program has been slowed by the coronavirus pandemic.

About six persons have been involved, however, through Zoom Video Conferencing meetings.

There has already been a change in leadership, as Carl Brannon has resigned as community liaison and director due to a change of jobs.

Brannon said he had a surprise career opportunity that will require him to move to Wisconsin. He said as the Core program began to look at how to divide his responsibilities, Patrick Miller was a key part of that. He said he knows Patrick well and knows the program won’t skip a beat as he takes over as liaison.

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Patrick Miller has family in Greenville and visited frequently when growing up. He and his wife attended Greenville University (then College) in the late 1990’s and following a few years in Michigan, they have lived in Greenville several years.

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The new Core Community liaison and director is looking forward to his new roles. He said great work has been done already and the organization has adapted to COVID-19. He said his goals are to first get to know the program and the work that’s been done and to make it a county-wide, broad-based program that’s supported by the whole community.

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Brannon is to start his new job in Wisconsin on July 1 and said he will continue to monitor the progress of the Core Community Program.

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