County Board Discusses Officials’ Salaries

At the Bond County Board meeting Tuesday morning, the most time was spent discussing salaries for county officials to be elected in November.

By law, the board must set the salaries for all four years of the term 180 days before the election.

To be elected this November are the circuit clerk, supervisor of assessments and coroner.

At the present time, the circuit clerk and supervisor of assessments, plus the county clerk and treasurer have salaries of $62,700 per year. The coroner is a part-time position and the salary is $18,800 per year.

When raises were given two years ago to the county clerk and treasurer, the county board approved a 1,500-dollar hike for each of the first two years and a freeze for the final two years.

During Tuesday’s discussion, County Board Member Gerald McCray made a motion to freeze the salaries of the circuit clerk, coroner and supervisor of assessments for all four years of the new terms.

He commented that the board is facing many uncertainties due to COVID-19 and feels it best to freeze salaries at this time.

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Frank Lucco seconded the motion, but it failed two yes to three no.

Adam Boudouris said he didn’t disagree with comments about cutting spending, but he felt if $1,500 per year for a two year period would bring salaries back in line, that would be an investment in people who have worked every day through the pandemic.

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A motion to freeze the first two years of the new terms and allow raises of $1,500 for each of the next two years was made by Boudouris and seconded by Eldon Young. It passed 4-1 with McCray voting no.

The sheriff’s salary in the county is higher than the other office holders, set now at $66,500 per year.

Earlier in the meeting, the board approved a motion to freeze the salaries for the two board member districts on the November ballot.

Those are District 1, which is served by Lucco, and District 3, served by Young. Those salaries remain $6,701 per year for each of the next four years.

The vote was unanimous.

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