GU To Resume In-Person Classes This Fall


Greenville University announced this week that it plans to open campus for in-person classes in the fall. The University continues to work with HSHS Holy Family Hospital and The Bond County Health Department on safety protocols to limit risk once students return to campus.

“We feel blessed that, so far, our small town of Greenville and the surrounding county have seen a relatively small number of [COVID-19] cases, and there have been no cases reported on campus,” said GU President Suzanne Davis. “Our hospital and the health department are standing ready with us to make the GU campus a safe place for students this fall.”

An orange bow will remain tied to Hogue Tower all summer as a reminder that students will soon return and the GU community will be together again.

GU will continue to follow federal, state, and local guidelines about social distancing, stay-at-home orders, testing, and best practices for face mask usage, hand washing, and sanitizing surfaces. The University will implement a remote learning option for students who cannot return to campus due to health concerns or travel restrictions. The University also has a contingency plan in place in case a second wave of coronavirus infections this fall should necessitate strict social isolation policies in the region.

“No matter what, we will provide continuous instruction for fall 2020,” Davis said.

Find updated information on GU’s coronavirus response at

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