Hotel Owners Request Property Tax Relief

Tuesday morning, the Bond County Board discussed a letter which was received from Greenville hotel owners.

The letter provides information about the negative effect COVID-19 has had on the businesses. The hotel owners asked the board to consider some relief from property taxes this year.

Board Member Adam Boudouris said the county has been trying to be diligent with their money, but also has to keep in mind property tax funds pay for the schools, fire department, sheriff’s offices, and more. He said he wants to provide relief for affected businesses, but the board must do what’s best for the county.

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Bond County Clerk Meg Sybert advised the board it has no legal authority to change the levies for other taxing districts, and can only make adjustments to the county levy.

Another board member, Gerald McCray, said if the board takes action on the taxes, they’d be opening a can of worms. He said the businesses are able to take advantage of other loans to come up with funds.

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No action was taken by the county board considering the request.

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