Local Authorities Share Public Letter With Community

Bond County, the City of Greenville and other entities issued a public letter Monday to members of the community regarding the coronavirus situation.

The letter asks citizens to continue to “Flatten The Curve” in the COVID-19 battle.

Bond County Board Chairman Wes Pourchot said county residents have done a good job following safety precautions. He stressed that local officials are working hard to be helpful to residents. He also asked people to be respectful of everyone. He said this has been a caring community and we need to keep that up. Pourchot noted you can save a life without even knowing it by wearing masks. He said he believes the low COVID-19 numbers in Bond County are at least partly due to social distancing efforts and masks.

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Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner also talked about the letter. He said the letter was designed to express thanks for the cooperation county residents have shown regarding the stay at home order, social distancing, and wearing of masks. The mayor also asks for continued cooperation through the month of May. Gaffner also said the letter was a call to the community for prayer.

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The letter emphasizes the mask is for the protection of friends and neighbors, to prevent you from potentially sharing the virus with them. You can feel well and have no symptoms, yet spread the coronavirus.

What may seem to be an inconvenience of wearing a mask, will save lives.

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