Mayor On Questions About Opening City

At the end of Tuesday’s Greenville City Council meeting, Mayor Alan Gaffner responded to questions from citizens asking when the city is going to open up during this COVID-19 pandemic.

A group of government officials, health care representatives and others meet daily to discuss the local situation.

Mayor Gaffner said the city continues to be pro-active in multiple ways. He said he has worked with the Southern Illinois Mayors Association in drafting a plan urging the governor to view this part of the state uniquely for its COVID cases and density of population, looking for a way to open businesses sooner rather than later. The letter was also sent to several members of the General Assembly.

The city is also a member of the Illinois Municipal League, who sent a request to the governor to create 11 regions of the state that would have a criteria for reopening, giving more flexibility than is currently offered in the current four regions.

Gaffner said it’s also important to remember that the City of Greenville does not have the ability to supersede or override any executive order of the governor.

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City Manager Dave Willey reported while it is important to look at the interests of businesses and others, the focus must remain on the health of everyone.

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