More From Recent County Board Meeting


The Bond County Board is sending a request for new door locking systems to the county building commission.

Bond County Sheriff Jim Leitschuh talked to the board recently about the need for new locks on two courthouse doors and one at the sheriff’s department. He said the main courthouse doors on the first floor need new locking systems because he does not know how many keys are out there.

He wants to have a locking system that enables authorized personnel to use key fobs for entry.

The sheriff reported the low bid to do the three doors was $3,670 from Scott Wight.

Leitschuh also said the door to the coroner’s office, on the northwest corner of the courthouse, leading to the basement, needs to be replaced due to its condition.

The bid from Bruce Unterbrink Construction for a new door and installation was $1,290.

The projects will go to the Bond County Building Commission for consideration.

The county board passed a letter of support for the City of Greenville’s grant application to seek funds to help build a new water plant.

The county is only showing support for the project and has no investment in it.

Greenville will apply for a DCEO Re-Build Illinois Public Infrastructure Grant and the county board’s letter will be included in the grant application.

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