Public Works Director On Downtown Projects


The Greenville Public Works Department has been busy the last few weeks with two downtown projects.

One of them extended the sidewalk into the street at the southeast corner of Main and Second streets.

Public Works Superintendent Bill Grider told WGEL the renovation will help that corner match the opposite corner by the SMART Center. It also created two parking spots and draws attention to the crosswalk for pedestrian safety.

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The other project involves installation of a drainage line, from the SMART Center, at that same intersection, to South Street.

Grider said the existing drain was old and didn’t work very well and caused problems during heavy rains. Crews still have some concrete work to complete in the area.

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The patio, in front of the SMART Center, is nearly completed. The city is waiting for the custom-made fencing to be made, then installed. A fireplace has already been constructed on the south end of the public patio.

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