The Investment Center Announces New Location


The Investment Center is operating from a new location at 208 S. 2nd Street in Greenville with a new phone number of 618-664-1879.

Andrew Feyerabend, who has been a member of the Investment Center for 6 years, is the Financial Advisor at The Investment Center. “I truly enjoy helping those in the community every day,” he said. “The relationships I have made and will continue to make is such a rewarding experience. This transition has showed me the love and support this community is all about. I am blessed and very grateful to be where I am today.”

Services will remain the same. Andrew can help with financial planning, individual retirement plans, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, employer-sponsored retirement plans, education savings, annuities, and much more. Andrew works to customize a plan that will fit your individual needs.

The Investment Center has served the community and surrounding areas for 25 years. The business was founded by Fred Wiseman in 1995. Fred said, “I devoted 20 years to building the Investment Center based on putting my clients and their needs first. It has been very gratifying to see Andrew continue that legacy.”

Jane Cornelius will be making her way to the Investment Center later this month. Jane will be resuming her role as administrative assistant. “It has always been my pleasure to serve our clients in keeping their interests and needs a top priority,” Cornelius said.

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