City Addresses Questions About Police

Because of the unrest occurring in the United States due to police actions, City of Greenville officials have been receiving questions from citizens about the city’s police department.

The questions have centered on police officer training, and police policies.

City Manager Dave Willey commented at Tuesday’s city council meeting about training. He said the sergeants keep track of training internally. Externally, the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board creates the training requirements and offers the training and certifications. He said the training covers a wide area of issues, including civil rights, cultural competencies, and more.

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All of the city’s officers, with the exception of the newly hired one, have completed the Standards and Training Board program.

Willey also talked about the city’s philosophy regarding policing. He said the city’s general attitude is that officers are there to serve the community and to help protect anyone in the community, whether it is someone expressing their view through First Amendment rights or someone who has some sort of criminal problem. Willey said incidents are handled on a one-on-one bass with as much respect and ease as can be provided. He said the more that can be done on the front end to encourage correct behavior the better off everyone is.

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The city manager said the police department has policies for various incidents, and it is important they be legal and able to be executed.

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