City Council Approves Police Vehicle & More


The Greenville City Council has approved the purchase of a new police vehicle.

The Ford Interceptor will cost $40,840 through the state bid program. It will replace a deteriorated 2008 vehicle, which was used at one time by the K-9 officer.

It will take about 22 weeks for the new vehicle to be delivered.

Another purchase made by the council at its June 9 meeting was a portable analyzer for the water plant at a cost of for $3,389.

Asphalt patch work was approved. Rooters American Maintenance was secured to make asphalt patches at the intersections of Killarney and Chestnut, and Main and First.

The total cost of $21,965 was included in the city’s motor fuel tax resolution for asphalt patches.

Greenville will continue to have the firm of Foster and Foster provide audit services for the police pension’s government accounting standards board requirements.

The cost this year is $3,180.

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