City Council Grant Program

The Greenville City Council has expanded its efforts to help local businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During a recent special meeting, councilmen voted to offer businesses a grant.

The council had previously passed incentive loans of up to $5,000 for businesses experiencing negative effects from the pandemic and who were not able to receive assistance from federal and state programs.

Now the council will give a 50 percent grant with the loan, meaning those receiving the maximum loan of $5,000 would only have to pay back $2,500 with no interest.

The money used by the council will come from the revolving loan fund, which reportedly has about $80,000 in it.

The council unanimously approved the grant program.

Earlier in the pandemic, the council instituted a utility savings program for residents and businesses who could show negative effects due to COVID-19. City Manager Dave Willey said over 100 businesses and residents have applied for the relief, which consists of a $200 credit on the water and sewer bill for residents, and $400 for businesses.

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