City Council Holds Public Hearings, Approves Raises


The Greenville City Council met last week and held a public hearing on requests from two businesses wanting COVID-19 relief money from the Downtown Small Business Stabilization Program, offered by the state through the Community Development Block Grant Program.

The requests were made by the Red Carpet Inn and Greenville Hearing Center. Both are seeking $25,000. If money is received, it will be used for payroll and operational costs.

The city had previously held hearings for five other businesses seeking the grant. The state program requires applications go through a governmental unit.

As the state has moved into another phase in the COVID-19 pandemic, the city had purchased tables and chairs to be used outdoors by restaurants. While the new phase still does not allow indoor dining, outdoor dining is permitted if other safety guidelines are followed.

The city council emerged from an executive session to approve wage adjustments for six employees who are not part of a union. This includes police sergeants, the GIS analyst and three on the clerical staff.

All were given a salary increase of two and one-half percent, which ranges from 47 cents to 59 cents per hour. The total increase to the city for the year will be about $7,500.

It was mentioned, city union workers received an increase of two and one-half percent.

The council approved a retirement agreement with a city employee. Mayor Alan Gaffner stated the agreement will result in a net savings to the city of about $7,000.

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