Greenville Grass Ordinance

During this time of the year, rain comes and goes frequently, often leading to the grass growing quickly.

Greenville residents should be aware the city has an ordinance limiting the height of grass.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey said the requirements stipulate grass is mowed before it reaches 10 inches in height. If grass gets taller than that, the city will call the property owner to let them know there is a problem. If the property owner is unresponsive, the next steps are a notice, a citation, and eventually a grass service will cut the grass and a lien is placed on the property for the expense. Generally speaking, Willey said, the community is pretty good about taking care of property, but derelict properties do occur and a plan must be in place to take care of them.

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For more information, contact the municipal building at 664-1644.