GU Restructuring Staff, Reopening Campus

Greenville University President Suzanne Davis announced staff restructuring and campus reopening procedures to move the University forward in light of pandemic-related challenges.

The campus will enact a phased return-to-work plan in June to gradually bring all employees currently working from home back to campus. This will allow staff the time they need to prepare campus for students’ return in August.

Like colleges and universities across the nation, GU also faced pandemic-related financial challenges this spring that necessitated a decrease in operating expenses. GU successfully reduced nearly $3M in operating expenses in response. To further bring expenses in line with projected revenue, 16 positions currently vacant at the University due to retirement or resignation will not be filled at this time. The University will eliminate a further eight positions and has already begun notifying affected employees.

Davis will also facilitate regular Zoom meetings with University employees to answer questions and help the GU community navigate these changes.

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