Medical Officials Fear Easing Of Coronavirus Prevention Efforts

Courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Medical officials fear the summer weather will make the public think less about the continuing coronavirus pandemic and the fact that the virus is still a national problem.

WGEL talked with Dr. Tom Dawdy, chairman of the Bond County Health Board, about the current situation in the county. He said the county has been fortunate and the people of the county have done good work to keep cases down. He said he worries people will think they don’t have to be too careful as things open back up. He emphasized that the second wave of the virus is very much an unknown and people need to continue wearing masks and social distancing.

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Dr. Dawdy emphasized the need for residents to continue use of masks when they are out in public. He said he is disappointed when he goes out and notices that making is not being done as frequently as it was a few weeks ago. He said it’s a simple act that adds a lot of protection for all of us.

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Bond County has had 12 coronavirus cases, and one death has occurred due to COVID-19. Dawdy said the other 11 have recovered.

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