New Addition To Greenville Family Medicine

Pine Ridge Homes breaks ground for the new addition at Greenville Family Medicine

Ground was broken Monday morning for an addition to Greenville Family Medicine at the junction of Beaumont Avenue and Illinois Rt. 140.

The practice is owned by doctors Phil Siefken and Kelsey Hopkins.

Dr. Siefken said the north addition that’s being added to the building will come close to doubling the square footage at Greenville Family Medicine. The new space will accommodate five more exam rooms.

The current space, a rehabilitated residence, was opened in March of 2016. A modular office will come on a trailer sometime in July and Dr. Siefken hopes the new space is ready to be opened up in September.

Two doctors and three nurse practitioners are currently seeing patients in five exam rooms in the practice.

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Greenville Family Medicine has 22 employees, plus the two owners.

Dr. Siefken said they are excited about the growth of the practice over a four-year time period, thanks to the support of the residents from Greenville and the area.

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