Over 200 Join Service To Pray For Justice

A large crowd gathered on the Greenville Square Monday evening to pray for current circumstances in the US.

With the United States in turmoil, over 200 local residents gathered on the Bond County Courthouse lawn Monday night for what was called Pray For Justice.

It was a time of prayer to address many of the issues at the forefront of unrest in the country.

As persons arrived, they went to one of the four corners of the courthouse lawn. After seven minutes of private, silent prayer, four local pastors spoke to their group on specific topics.

They included justice, the need for racism to be exposed and eliminated, prayer for the family and friends of George Floyd, prayer for those protesting to be powerful and peaceful, prayer for police, National Guard and military personnel, and a prayer for unity and harmony in the nation.

Click below to hear Pastor Dave Bradshaw pray with one of the groups:

The crowd consisted of adults and children, with local law enforcement personnel in attendance to participate as members of the groups.

The entire service lasted less than 30 minutes.

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