Public Works & Police Monthly Activity Reports


The Greenville Public Works street department employees were very busy in May.

They completed over 217 hours of concrete projects, many of them spent in downtown Greenville.

Workers had over 233 man hours doing weed, brush and tree trimming, another 120 hours for grass mowing, and brush pick-up and disposal took 64 hours.

Approximately 42 hours were spent with city beautification and flower pot maintenance.

Other work included 43 man hours hours for street patching, 25 hours for shoulder and ditch maintenance, 35 hours for culvert replacement and extension, 175 hours for building and vehicle maintenance, and 13 hours for water leak repairs.

The street sweeper was on the road 24 hours last month.

The May report of activities by the Greenville Police Department has also been released.

Officers made one felony arrest and three misdemeanor arrests last month. There were four traffic arrests and one citation for an ordinance violation.

Officers unlocked four vehicles and made three other motorist assists.

They checked on 14 burglar alarms.

The patrol officer for Governor Bond Lake was out for 73 hours in May. There were 29 contacts made with those on the lake and 10 verbal warnings given.

It was estimated there were 157 lake users last month.

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