Unit Two Superintendent On Return To School

What’s the future for schools in this COVID-19 situation?

Things seem to change almost weekly, but the good news is the Illinois State Board of Education has issued guidelines to allow students to return to school.

Bond County Unit 2 Superintendent Wes Olson said the district would use the official guidance issued by the state on June 22 to develop a local plan to return to in-person learning in the fall. He said officials are aware the plans may change based on medical information from throughout the state.

According to Olson, highlights of the plan include a limit of 50 students in a group in one location, social distancing of six feet whenever possible, and required masks for students during the day.

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As soon as everything is planned out, parents will be notified, according to the superintendent. He said he hopes to have details finalized and shared in the next couple of weeks. He noted the information is usually determined by now but said there is still a lot of uncertainty. He also said one of the good parts of the plan is that there is local control.

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Discussions are underway by several district staffers to determine how Unit 2 can determine how to meet the guidelines. He said officials are currently trying to determine how many remote learning planning days the district wants to use with teachers at the beginning of the school year to help prepare for the possibility of any remote learning format.

Olson said he anticipates the start for students will be around the 18th or 19th of August. The goal is to have in-person learning to start the year. But state guidance strongly suggests districts have a plan to transition to remote learning at any point, should it be deemed necessary.

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At this time, the state will allow up to 50 students to ride school buses at one time.

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