City Council Approves Grant For Downtown Building


Renovation work is underway at 110 North Second Street, on the east side of downtown Greenville.

At its July meeting, the Greenville City Council approved up to a $24,449 grant from its Downtown Renovation Grant Program to Janie and Breck Nelson. The grant can provide up to 50 percent of the cost to improve the outside of the building.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey talked about the project, noting it has some history.

The front of the building was made by Mesker, which created iron and pressed metal storefronts. The owner of the building found the corresponding catalog page and wants to restore the building to that original look, using original parts in the building.

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Grant money comes from the Downtown TIF fund.

Willey said the grant is set up to save buildings more than anything else. He noted the recipient is a landlord, not a renter. There will be retail space on the ground floor and storage above and the owner will rent both out.

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After questions and comments from Council Woman Lisa Stephens, she voted with the other four council members to approve the grant.

There are a few other downtown buildings that have the Mesker store fronts.

As of the council meeting, the Nelsons were looking for a tenant for the building.

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