City Water Tower Work Underway

Work has begun on the painting of the Greenville water tower at Howard Wolf Industrial Park.

Employees from Hanfland Painting of Sigel, Illinois, are currently working inside the tower, as the water has been drained from it.

Greenville Superintendent of Public Works Bill Grider told WGEL the crew is sandblasting the inside of the tower then will clean it and apply four coats of paint that have been approved by the EPA.

The outside of the tower will then be painted and the city’s new logo applied.

Grider said the entire project will take about two months to complete.

At this time, the city’s water is coming totally from the water tower along Beaumont Avenue.

Grider said these results in a little less water pressure in the system.

The Beaumont tower has a capacity of 500,000 gallons, while the industrial park tower, built in 1987, will hold 1.3 million gallons.

Grider reported eventually the inside of the industrial park tower will be sanitized. Once that is completed, the tower will be filled with water and return to service.

The city is paying Hanfland $302,000 for the work.