County Highway Info Discussed During Board Meeting

Bond County Highway Engineer Jeremy Pestle met with the Bond County Board during their recent meeting.

He reported improvements to the north and south Mulberry Grove Road will begin soon. The cost for repairs to the north section will be $2.1 million. The north section will cost $700,000. Crews had hoped to start soon, but because the road is a “connection road” between I-70 and Rt. 40, they must give 21 days’ notice.

At the recommendation of Pestle, the board approved the purchase of a used vibratory compactor for $25,000 from CMW-Equipment.

The board learned the cost to rent the machine for two months is $6 300, and Pestle said the compactor will be an important addition to the department for road work.

He indicated comparable machines cost $35,000 to $45,000 so he believes the cost for the unit being purchased is good. According to Pestle, the money for the equipment is in the budget.

The board received a suggestion from a citizen to have cables placed on the guardrails of the Red Ball Trail wooden bridge to increase the holding capacity of the rails.

Pestle noted the bridge does not belong to the county and is owned by the railroad.

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