Greenville Police Policies & Procedures Discussed

The Greenville City Council held a special meeting Tuesday night on the topic of police policies and procedures.

To provide room for social distancing, the session was at the Greenville High School auditorium. Eleven members of the public attended and there were about 30 others who watched and listened on the city’s Facebook page.

Chief of Police Scott Workman read the various policies police follow and talked about officer training. He and City Manager Dave Willey answered questions presented by those at the meeting and those watching on Facebook.

The entire police presentation can be read on the city’s website at

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Alan Gaffner announced the creation of a plan to provide a forum for a pro-active approach to address minority topics and issues. It is known as “Greenville Neighbor To Neighbor.

He said the next step would be to convene another council meeting that would allow public comment and provide a forum for topics of racial importance. Those topics would be provided to a committee of 15-25 members who would assign those topics to the unit of government or organization of jurisdiction.

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The committee will consist of citizens, pastors, council members, city staff, Chief Workman, public school representatives, and persons from various community organizations,

Mayor Gaffner said individuals of color would be among those invited to be on the group.

Gaffner advised he presented the plan to the council, city staff and ministerial alliance before publicly announcing it.

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