Unit One Board Amends 20-21 Calendar


The Mulberry Grove Unit 1 Board of Education met Monday and amended its school calendar for 2020-2021.

Superintendent Bobby Koontz talked about the calendar, noting that Election Day is a holiday so students will be out of school. That will add one more day to the end of the year.

Teachers will have an institute day on August 17, then two remote planning days on August 18 and 19. Students will start Thursday, August 20.

The school board approved a back-to-school plan which has students at school for in-person learning Monday through Thursday and remote learning on Friday. Koontz said this is possible due to the district’s small enrollment.

Last year, Unit 1 had about 375 students at the elementary, junior high and high school levels.

Parents can also choose to have their students totally taught via remote learning. While registration can be started online at this time, Koontz said all parents will have to visit the school on August 6 or 7 to complete it.

Parents have through August 7 to let the district know if they want their children to use the total remote learning program five days a week. They can do that in person on the at-school registration days, or call the office of their child’s school before that.

Superintendent Koontz said those students beginning full remote learning will be required to remain there the entire nine weeks of the quarter.

Students starting with the blended plan of in-school with one day of remote learning can change to full-time remote learning at any time.

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