City Council Meets Tuesday


The Greenville City Council will conduct its August meeting Tuesday night.

The session can be viewed on the city’s Facebook page.

On the agenda will be a proposal to raise water rates in order to apply for a state grant related to a new water plant.

According to the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity guidebook, the water and sewer rate must meet or exceed one percent of the median household income per 5,000 gallons.

To meet that level, the water rate would have to be increased $1.28 per 5,000 gallons used.

This would allow the city to qualify for a $550,000 DCEO grant, the last grant application needed to proceed with a new water plant.

The city has been successful in receiving a $14.2 million loan from USDA Rural Development for the plant. It is waiting to hear about grant applications that have been submitted.

Also on the council agenda is a COVID-19 update, a discussion about the COVID utility program, water plant service agreements, sewer plant purchases, a police software purchase and purchase of a folder inserter used for water bills.

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