City Sidewalk Replacement Project


If you recently drove Beaumont Avenue in Greenville, you probably noticed the big sidewalk replacement project by the Greenville Public Works Department.

The city has a program every year to replace defective sidewalks.

Bill Grider, superintendent of public works, invites residents to call the municipal building about bad sidewalks in the city. He said the city has a good budget to address tripping hazards or sidewalks in bad shape. He said crews can typically get to it within the year. Projects can be moved up on the list, depending on severity.

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He said sidewalk replacement can not only be done in the spring and summer, but also in fall and winter, as long as the temperature doesn’t get below freezing.

According to Grider, one advantage to the city is public works department employees are able to do the work. The crews received received four weeks of education and most are certified.

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The department tries to do sidewalk replacement work when it can. Grider said this year’s budget is $50,000. In previous years, crews had to focus on other projects and were only spent $30,000 to $40,000 on sidewalks.

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To report a sidewalk problem, call the Greenville Municipal Building at 664-1644.

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