City Storm Drain & Sewer Main Lining Update


At its July meeting, the Greenville City Council approved the installation of a drain pipe at Ballyvaughn subdivision on the east edge of the city.

A new storm drain pipe will be put in because at the current time, drainage is not adequate during rain events.

The plan is to install a 15-inch pipe from the catch basin to discharge in an open ditch. The length will be about 200 feet.

The goal of the project is to eliminate flooding and ponding on the road.

The city will supply the pipe, which will cost $1,772. A contract has been approved with Ken Haller to install the pipe at a cost of $5,200.

The city is continuing its program of relining sewer mains.

After city crews conducted smoke tests to find water infiltration, two areas were identified as contributing significantly to sewer main backups. One was from the manhole on Winter Avenue to the alley by the Posch Center, and the other was from a manhole on locust Street, west one block to Elm Street.

The council approved the hiring of Insituform Technologies to line 800 feet of sewer main at the cost of $28,450.

The sewer relining project is expected to be done in August.

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