City Utility Relief To End August 31

The Greenville City Council has decided to stay with its original August 31 date to end COVID-19 relief on water, sewer and trash bills.

In April, the council decided to cease charging late fees for utility bills until August 31. The action was taken to help residents affected financially by COVID-19.

After a discussion on the matter at a recent meeting, councilmen decided to stay with that date. In addition, water shutoffs for delinquent bills will go back into effect.

City Clerk Sue Ann Nelson reported there have been 10 residents with new accounts and 53 others who have not made a payment on their utility bills since March 31.

That led City Manager Dave Willey to comment there is no incentive for people to pay.

Greenville officials stated those residents having trouble paying their utility bills can contact the city and set up a payment plan.

Also this past spring, the council established a program to provide relief to residents and businesses affected by the pandemic.

Individuals were offered $200 credit on their bill and business $400 after supplying information about COVID-19 hurting them financially.

City Manager Willey commented not everyone who could apply for the help has done so, even though the city- sent letters to residents to promote the program. The utility bill credit program will continue and anyone interested should call the municipal building at 664-1644.

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