County Board Coal Lease Request

The Bond County Board is considering a request from Colt Coal to separate its coal lease into two parcels.

Abijah Queen has spoken to the board twice about the matter.

Queen explained Colt Coal remains part of the Cline Group Company, but Hillsboro Energy in the Hillsboro area is no longer with Klein, but is part of Forsyth Energy.

There are two areas of coal in the Bond County lease.

Queen told the county board there is a large block in the Bond County coal lease that centers around Greenville, Old Ripley, and Pocahontas. There’s another portion that’s about six miles north of the big block, that’s near Coffeen Lake. That block connects with a Montgomery County coal reserve, which Colt would like to separate the northern block and have a separate coal lease. Everything would remain identical otherwise.

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The coal company pays the county about $1 per acre or approximately $60,000 per year for the lease.

The only change in the proposal would be to make two payments to the county, instead of one for a total of $60,000.

The county board has tabled the matter until State’s Attorney Dora Mann can review it.

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