Hickman Files Motion For New Trial

James Andrew Hickman

On August 7, James Andrew Hickman of Greenville was found guilty by Judge Neil Schroeder of two counts of first degree murder in the death of his two-month-old son in November of 2018.

Sentencing has yet to occur.

Last week, Hickman, through his attorney, Rick Verticchio, filed a motion in Bond County Circuit Court for a new trial or alternative relief.

The motion alleges the evidence, presented at the trial, did not establish the defendant was guilty of either murder count. It also alleged the circumstantial evidence, presented by the state, does not legally support the court’s finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and was not appropriate under the law.

The motion seeks a new trial, and in the alternative, asks the judge to vacate his rulings on the murder charges and enter a verdict of guilty against Hickman for the lesser offense of involuntary manslaughter.

At the end of the six-day trial, Judge Schroeder ruled Hickman was guilty of shaking or striking his infant son, Evander, thus causing the baby’s death.

Hickman requested a bench trial, meaning there was no jury and the judge would rule on guilt or innocence.

Last Friday, the Bond County Probation Department filed with the court a pre-sentence investigation report on Hickman, as had been ordered by Judge Schroeder.

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