Referendum To Split From Chicago On Ballot

Voters in Bond County will see a non-binding referendum on their ballot November 3.

On Monday, a petition was filed on the topic of the county joining other Illinois counties to split from the City of Chicago to form a new state.

Meetings on the topic were previously held in Bond County.

Bond County Clerk Meg Sybert said the petition included 66 sheets with various numbers of signatures of Bond County residents.

The question proposed in the referendum is “Shall the Board of Bond County correspond with the boards of the other counties of the state, outside of Cook County, and with the municipalities of Cook County, outside of the City of Chicago, about the possibility of separating from the City of Chicago to form a new state and to seek admission to the union, as such, subject to the approval of the people.”

County Clerk Sybert stated this is an advisory referendum. She reported Monday was the final day for such referendums to be filed for the November 3 general election.

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