School Underway In Unit One District

Excitement is high in the Mulberry Grove Unit 1 District as school is underway for the 2020-2021 school year.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, Mulberry Grove is holding classes at the school, Monday through Thursday, with Friday being a remote learning day.

Jeff Leidel talked to Unit 1 Superintendent Bobby Koontz Tuesday morning. Koontz said the year is off to a good start. He said it’s been different, but the kids have been excited to be back. He said kids go with the flow and have adapted to required changes very well.

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Students and staff are complying with COVID-19 safety guidelines. Koontz admitted every day is a learning experience in this unusual pandemic climate. He said officials are finding improvements regularly and learning every day.

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The superintendent said the district is still waiting for 150 computer Chrome Books to arrive. He indicated the technology situation is pretty good in Unit 1 for kindergarten through eighth grade students, but the additional Chrome Books are very much needed for high school students.

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