SSD Board Calls For New Contract With HSHS

Serving as the Bond County Special Service District ambulance board, members of the Bond County Board met is special session Tuesday night to talk about the ambulance contract.

The county has a contract with HSHS Holy Family Hospital to provide ambulance service in most of Bond county.

The board met approximately 30 minutes and emerged from closed session to approve a motion to have State’s Attorney Dora Mann draft a new contract to present to HSHS.

The vote was 4-0 with Chairman Wes Pourchot, Gerald McCray, Adam Boudouris and Frank Lucco voting. Eldon Young was not able to participate. State’s Attorney Mann was at the meeting.

The current contract goes through the end of December.

The SSD board has discussed ambulance service often in 2020, receiving at least two presentations from other providers.

The contact is renewable every year, but parties must make notification in October about changes to the contract or termination of it.

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