Unit 1 School Board Reviews Student Registration Data

At the regular August meeting of the Mulberry Grove Unit 1 Board of Education Monday night, members received information about student registration.

Casie Bowman, elementary school principal, reported about 85 percent of the students have registered. She noted 13 parents have opted to have their children use remote learning only and two are home-schooling their children.

The principal indicated Back To School Nights will be conducted next Tuesday and Wednesday, August 18 and 19, and they will be very structured with certain classes for specific times.

Bowman added everyone will be required to wear masks.

Parents will also be provided education regarding remote learning.

Junior High/High School Principal Tiffany Zobrist advised the student registration percentage is in the mid-90s. She told the board she is very pleased with that situation.

While she did not have a number of remote learning only students, she said it was less than the 13 at the elementary school. She noted the majority of them are seventh and eighth graders.

According to Zobrist, there will also be student and parent nights next Tuesday and Wednesday, but they will be at different times than the elementary school ones.

The new school year will begin for students, Thursday, August 20. Teachers report August 17 for an institute day, and they will have remote learning planning days August 18 and 19.

The district has a back-to-school plan which allows students to be at school Monday through Thursday with all students doing remote learning on Fridays.

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