Unit 2 Junior High Coaches Rehired

Junior high coaches in Bond county Community Unit 2 have been rehired.

The positions are contingent on the seasons being held and the coaches performing their stipend duties.

The coaches at Pocahontas School are Donald Smith for girls and boys basketball and Johnnie McNeece for cheerleading.

Sorento coaches include Christina Pashia for volleyball, Jeremy Hudson for girls basketball, and Cory Smith for boys basketball, Meg Reynolds for cheerleading and Quin Hammann for track.

Greenville Junior High coaches are Trevor Stoecklin for baseball, Gayla Brauns for cheerleading, Gina Allen and Lori Alstat for girls’ basketball, Parker Manhart and Trevor Stoecklin for boys’ basketball, Erin Cummings and Lauren Hutchinson for volleyball, and Kolin Dothager, Terry Swalley and Quin Hammann for track.

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