Back To School Health Tips

Back-to-school may be a bit different this year, but some things never change. Children need to create good sleep and nutrition habits whether headed back to the classroom or learning from home at the kitchen table. HSHS Holy Family Hospital is offering tips to help your kids get a good night’s sleep and healthy nourishment.

When attempting to start a healthy sleep schedule with your child, set his or her bedtime incrementally earlier, eventually settling on the times that work best for their schooling. Once sleep schedules have been established, stick to it. Consistency is key. Don’t encourage your kids to sleep in or go to bed late on the weekends.

Other tips include limiting time with electronics such as video games, television, cell phones or tablets. These items stimulate the brain and are not conducive of good sleep.

“Kids always look to their parents as role models,” said Dr. Benjamin Jarrett, family medicine physician at HSHS Holy Family Health Center in Greenville. “So since they are watching, try setting creating your own sleep schedule as a positive example and you just may see the benefits for yourself.”

Another way parents can set a good example is through healthy eating habits. Get your kids involved, make a list of foods they like to eat and work together to make a food plan. Start with proteins and teach your children about the different options such as chicken, turkey, ham, string cheese, nuts, peanut butter and eggs. Pair those items with a few healthy sides such as cut up vegetables, whole or sliced fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese. Give them a treat with options like pretzels, trail mix with a few M & M’s, small bag of chips or pudding.

Besides these tips, you can also try the rainbow packing idea. This works well with younger kids as you base lunches on colors. Very simply, you could choose the following routine:

Monday = Red foods, such as apples, radishes and dried cranberries

Tuesday = Orange foods, such as clementines, oranges and carrots

Wednesday = Yellow foods, such as bananas, yellow peppers, pears, string cheese and hard-boiled eggs

Thursday = Green foods, such as salad, broccoli with dip, avocado and guacamole

Friday = Blue/purple foods, such as purple grapes, plums and blueberries

As we continue to live through an unprecedented pandemic don’t forget to prioritize your child’s health whether her or she is back in school or learning from home.

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