City Revises COVID-19 Grant Program


Following a lengthy discussion Tuesday night, the Greenville City Council revised its business COVID-19 relief program to provide up to $3,000 in grants to any business demonstrating a loss of at least 20 percent in revenues due to the pandemic.

The council had previously set up a loan-grant program for a maximum of $5,000, which required the business to pay back half of the amount. It was reported Tuesday night that only three businesses had applied.

To offer more relief to city businesses, Mayor Alan Gaffner recommended offering a $3,000 grant to any business that can show negative affects due to COVID-19.

Click below to hear the mayor propose the motion:

Details are still to be developed by city administrators.

The council appeared to be receptive to the administration lowering the 20 percent level, if not all of the available money was used.

The money will come from the city’s revolving loan fund, which currently has about $75,000.

The loan-grant program will still be available at a maximum of $5,000, however, the grant will be $3,000.

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