COVID Statistics Explained

Courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

If you have attempted to calculate the positivity rate of COVID-19 in Bond County using the numbers released by the Bond County Health Department, you have most likely determined a rate which does not match what you see coming from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The health department has announced that positive and negative test results are reported to IDPH by most certified laboratories electronically. However, in some instances, such as results received from the Greenville FCI or Greenville University, results are reported to IDPH via the state database.

Currently, IDPH is not using manually reported results in calculating positivity. Rather, they are only using electronically reported results.

For the health department’s purposes, they are sharing both manually and electronically reported results, which again results in a positivity rate based on our local numbers that are unlikely to match the IDPH rate.

WGEL’s Ryan Mifflin talked with Bond County Health Department Administrator Sean Eifert at length about this topic. Click below to hear their conversation in full:

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