Firework Causes Corn Field Fire

Smithboro firefighters responded to a report of a corn field on fire just before 2 PM Saturday in Pleasant Mound. Fire personnel report the blaze was caused by a firework. The fire was under control by the property owner. Crews arrived and finished extinguishing the fire. They were on the scene for about 45 minutes. No one was injured.

Smithboro Fire Chief Bryant Briggs III, urged the community to use caution with the current weather conditions during this time of the year. When using anything that could lead to the spread of a fire as in burning, barbecuing, setting off fireworks, or other flame sources, keep a garden hose or a bucket of water on hand and always watch your fire until it is out.

Briggs says to be especially careful when burning on windy, dry days. These conditions can lead to a small fire that is controlled, becoming a large fire that is out of control.

You should never burn close to any structures, vehicles or machinery.

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