Greenville City Council COVID Discussion


At a meeting earlier this month, the Greenville City Council revised its COVID-19 business assistance program to offer businesses negatively affected by the pandemic to apply for a $3,000 grant.

The council met in special session Tuesday night, and City Manager Dave Willey said information on the grant program has been distributed to all eligible parties, either by email or in person. Some applications were already back in by Tuesday’s meeting.

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The discussion turned to the recent local COVID-19 situation.

Willey expressed his disappointment of the number of people in public who are not wearing masks. He said he had talked to the administrator of the Bond County Health Department who said he didn’t believe we were particularly close to backing away from the extra restrictions in our area. Willey said Greenville University is continuing with their twice a week testing on campus and have seen a very low positivity rate.

Willey said he does not get the same sense of compliance from the community as he does the university. He said many people are not doing the simplest and least intrusive things you can do to improve the situation, such as wearing masks. He encouraged the community to consider their fellow community members as well as themselves and their families and wear a mask.

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Councilman Bill Carpenter reported he saw students, teachers and staff members in action at Bond County Unit 2 schools and was amazed how they are strictly complying with the COVID safety guidelines.

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