Mail-In Voting Update

Registered voters in Bond County, who sent in mail-in vote applications before last Thursday, should have received their ballots in the mail by now.

Bond County Clerk Meg Sybert told WGEL Monday morning, some completed ballots have already been received, either through the mail or by voters dropping the ballots off at her office.

Sybert is continuing to accept applications for mail-in ballots through October 29, and ballots will be sent to the individual shortly after receiving the application.

She told WGEL individuals only get one ballot and the system tracks the ballot as having been issued to you. So, if you change your mind and decide you want to vote early or at the polls, not by mail, you need to turn that ballot in to Sybert’s office before you vote any other way.

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Early voting began last Thursday at the county clerk’s office. Sybert reported in the first two days of early voting, 219 ballots were cast.

You must be registered to use early voting, which is open through November 2.

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