National Farm Safety & Health Week


September 20-26 is National Farm Safety and Health Week and Bond and Fayette County Farm Bureau Manager Katie Cayo said safety should be on everyone’s mind this time of year.

She said there’s a lot of equipment that will be on the road, similar to spring when you see planters and tractors out and about. With harvest upon us, there will be combines, semis, wagons. She pointed out that those are slow-moving vehicles and their drivers may not be able to see well, so you need to be their eyes and stay extra alert.

Cayo also noted farmers should keep snacks with them to keep their energy up, get enough rest, and are hydrating sufficiently.

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Cayo said while there is an extra emphasis on safety this week, it should always be a focus. She noted harvest will likely run through October and farmers and non-farmers alike need to do their part to make this a safe harvest season.

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The theme for National Farm Safety and Health Week this year is “Every Farmer Counts”.

Daily topics of focus this year include Tractor Safety & Rural Roadway Safety on Monday, Overall Farmer Health on Tuesday, Safety & Health for Youth in Agriculture Wednesday, Emergency Preparedness in Agriculture on Thursday, and Safety & Health for Women in Agriculture on Friday.

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