Olson On COVID-19 School Info

The hybrid program, having students at school two days a week, is being used in Bond County Community Unit 2.

Superintendent Wes Olson feels it is important for students to spend time in the classroom, and he talked about providing COVID-19 statistics weekly on the district’s website. He said the effort will allow the district to track students, determining where they’ve been and who they’ve been with. He said the number of close contacts is fairly minimal, even in the classroom setting.

Olson said the district’s philosophy has always been transparency. He said if anything impacts students, district officials will work with the health department to share the information. He also said district COVID-19 statistics will be reported weekly so everyone is informed.

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The superintendent was asked what situation would have to occur for the district to go total remote learning. He said there is not definitive guidance on that issue from the Illinois Department of Public Health. He said it’s a process of continuing dialogue with the health department and local medical professionals. He said he feels the current set-up is safe, but the issue would be if there’s a spike in cases and the district fell short on staff.

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The district’s website can be accessed at www.bccu2.org.

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